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Interested in joining our team?


We are seeking highly motivatedambitious, and collaborative researchers with a strong interest in the lab.

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We have open positions for talented postdocs interested in joining the lab.

Elements required for the application to be considered:

     1) Motivation letter: Please explain your motivation for joining the lab, and a description of your scientific interests.

     2) CV: list of manuscripts published and/or in preparation, and the name and contact information of 3 references.

 => Please, send these documents to Dr. Billon by email at 


    We have open positions for dedicated Graduate (Master/Ph.D.) students

Due to the large volume of applications received, consideration will be given exclusively to applicants who submit a fully completed application form.

[Download the Application form]

 => Please, complete and return the application form and any related documents to Dr. Billon via email at


    We have open positions for passionate Undergraduate students

Attention: Applications for the 2024 summer are closed.

Interested in joining our lab for the summer of 2025? The application period opens in November 2024 (please apply before the end of December 2024) to allow ample time for preparing scholarship applications (PURE etc). To apply, please email the following documents to Dr. Billon at

     1) Motivation letter: Explain your interest in our lab and highlight your previous laboratory experience(s).

     2) CV detailing your academic (awards, scholarships, etc...) and non-academic (leadership roles...) achievements.

     3) Recent transcripts: Submit copies of your latest academic transcripts.

We look forward to discussing with you soon!

Open Positions: Open Positions
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